The Stitchin' Rail
Headstalls and Tie Downs

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on Headstalls and Tie Downs
$ 145  Custom
Bling Headstall
TSR Headstall
$ 285 and up - Custom Bling
and Breastcollar Sets!
TSR Headstall B1 and TSR
Breastcollar B1
$ 115  Custom AWARD Headstall
TSR Headstall B2

TSR Headstall B3

TSR Economy Headstall BE1
starting at $45 - contact us
for availability!

TSR Wide TieDown T2   $ 55

TSR Teamroper Tiedown  $ 45

TSR Tiedown Keeper $ 15
$ 185  Custom Wide Belt Headstall with copper
accents and wide copper buckle.

$175 Custom Hair-On Award Headstalls with bling
TeamRoper Basketweave
with longhorn conchos $85
add $30 for upgraded buckles